About Us

LionBeast.com is an initiative taken by Kota’s entrepreneurial enthusiasts for our fellow entrepreneurs and businesses all over. Providing them with a platform on which they can test the waters by becoming vendors with us and starting to sell through our channels.

LionBeast is striving every day to capture the best products excelling quality standards for our customers because we as people would only sell those items, which we would buy for ourselves. So, the question becomes, what kind of products would we love to buy? And we bring those makers & products aboard. Because YOU are the most important part of this quest because YOU are the ones running this show.

We had a vision for this platform while we were working in our hackerspace AIG (fb.me/innovatorsgarage) to create a multivendor marketplace where all our friends and coworkers can post their products to sell, with LionBeast acting as a marketing funnel for new and exciting brands. LionBeast requests our vendors is to post your products consistently because consistency is what marks a difference in how much you will be visible, which is directly proportionate to how much you will sell. LionBeast is a free-for-all platform, which is dedicated to making you great profits because the only way we make money is when you make money.

Allen Lawrence, Co-Founder, LionBeast.com
“Through LionBeast.com we strive to deliver the best-in-class products to our consumers and gain their trust. That’s our key goal & strategy: loyal customers who come back for more. We’ve come a long way to finally headstart this and now we are in this game for the long run.”
Contact: www.linkedin.com/in/allen-lawrence-19309828
Ashish Raj, Co-founder, LionBeast.com
LionBeast is like our oldest child who started out in the world after a lot of learning. And now, our main focus is identifying new markets and trends which will sustain this beast, long term.”
Contact: chambalabs@gmail.com